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The Polygomma Advantage


logo Quality
 Our products confirm to international product standards and the manufacturing process is certified as per ISO 9001.

logo Technology
 We use the intermesh mixing technology and cold feel roller head technology that ensures that our membranes are compact and have a higher density compared to the ones manufactured using calendar technology.

logo Vulcanizing Technology
 Our products are cured using an 'Online Vulcanizing Mechanism', which ensures that every square inch of our products is evenly cured. Since we do not used steam boilers to cure the membranes, our manufacturing process is non-polluting.

logo Economical Price
 The easy availability of manufacturing resources, and fewer overheads, helps us provide a better price to our customers.

logo Higher Widths
 Our products are manufactured up to a width of 15 meters with factory seam. This ensures quick installations and fewer field overlaps.

logo Chemical Resistance$
 Our products are formulated to withstand chemical and toxic service conditions.

logo Friendly To Aquatic Life*
 Our pond liners are formulated to be friendly to aquatic life.

logo Experience
The promoters have an experience in the rubber industry since the early 1960's. This rich experience and expertise is our biggest asset, and helps to provide the world with excellent, durable and cost effective products.

# It is recommended to test our membranes for a specific purpose/aquatic species as per the rules and regulation of local governing    authorities.

* Hypalon is a registered trademark of E.I. DuPont de Nemours and Co. Inc.

$ Prior check is required.

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